Born in 1998 in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Through my photographic work I mainly try to investigate my visual environment and how I perceive it, how this changes over time, how my mental states affect what I perceive and vice versa. Raised by parents who’ve always loved the outdoors I grew to appreciate the natural world. Some of my happiest memories are those of summer alpine meadows while on vacation with my family. Today, nature also offers me an escape from the busy city and the often fake and contradictory ways of society. Because we as humans have created our own urban landscape filled with the social structures of society, a duality arose, between the ‘human’ world and the ‘natural’ world. In my work and personal life I explored the human/nature and inner/outer relationships until this duality transformed into unity, although above all I want to leave this question open to you. I have a predilection for minimal photography, and in the landscape around me I mostly try to capture the perfection, serenity, silence, melancholy and/or profundity. However, more recently I’ve also been exploring different themes with series of images like alienation, dreams, the search for happiness and psychedelic exploration. Because I always like to experiment and try out new things, my portfolio contains a variety of different styles and subjects.